Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blue Daze

Closed for the night
Open Bloom During Daylight Hours
I just added blue daze as a ground cover in a newly planted bed.  These are amazingly tiny blooms which pack alot of blue color. 

Also, the blooms open in the sunlight and then close as the sunlight ebbs.

Signs the Hornworm Caterpillar Is Munching your Tomato Plants

Here he is.  I found him after the telltale signs were spotted. 
Stem of the tomato plant devoid of an leaves.  That's a sure sign the hornworm caterpillar is munching on your plants.

Black droppings on the ground or leaves.
 I first spotted the bare stem, saw the droppings.  I knew the hornworm caterpillar was somewhere on my plant.  It took a full five minutes of searching to find him but I did.  And after removing the one leaf/stem he was hanging out on (with garden scissors), I tossed him away.  Many gardeners enjoy the smashing of this critter, but I put mine in the trash.


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