Thursday, April 27, 2006

Where is the sun? June Gloom Arrives

May...and already June Gloom? The marine layer happend in zone 23 this week. I didn't really understand marine layer when I moved here almost seven years ago. My real estate agent told me to expect June Gloom. Until you experience, you cannot appreciate the vibrancy of a beautiful blue sky. The sky is grey-white with a fog created by the warm land and the cool ocean.

This time of year often brings the powdery mildew. Beware.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Everything is Coming up Roses

Ah, the warmth of the sun is coaxing the leaves right out of the woody stems of the rose bushes around my garden. The leaves are a beautiful shade of brownish red. I would say they are similar to the color of a very expensive pair of Cole Hahn penny loafers. Small budlets are alreay in place to grow and bloom.

Better with Age

I posted a blog about this plant earlier. I should have waited. Look at this baby! Millions of blooms. This is one plant. I think rain plus sun equal beautiful plants.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Orange Blossom Time

My dwarf navel orange tree is in bloom. The fragrance is beautiful. Unfortunately, these are the only blossoms. I guess that means the harvest will be very small this year.

Sweet Peas!

I have been away for about two weeks. When I returned, I found my sweet peas had really grown. The weather has been perfect for them. Sunny, yet cool, with lots of mist and rain. I already have a few pods which have formed. Of course I picked one right away to taste it from the vine. Delicious!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Snap Dragons

Plants are so hardy. People think having a green thumb is hard...but reality is that having a black thumb is hard. This is a snap dragon which was planted over a year ago by my husband. The sprinklers didn't do a good job of watering through the summer and fall and this plant was in bad condition. Then winter came to California with the rain and mist. Voila! One plant revived.


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