Meet Your California Gardener

My dad and I talking in the garden while sorting apples circa early 1970s.

I sit here at my keyboard with dirt under my fingernails from planting seeds, pulling weeds just moments ago.  My vegetable garden is out my kitchen door making it very easy for it to beckon me throughout the day.  I can go outside to toss something into the composter and find myself still puttering among the lettuce and artichokes twenty minutes later.

My Start in Gardening
My dad gave gardening to me. We lived in Cleveland and I remember helping him dig in composted manure in the spring, mounding hills for cucumber seeds, watering in tomato plants, and harvesting zucchini in August to keep them from taking over the entire garden. Whenever I am in the garden, he is there with me.  "Sister (three daughters...we were all sister), pinch that sucker on the tomato plant," I hear him say.

My friends Janice and Sheila reintroduced me to gardening when I lived in Cincinnati as a young adult.  They may not even know this fact.  Janice liked flowers; Sheila was the vegetable gardener.  Sheila also introduced me to the art of composting.

Once I returned to gardening, I was hooked for life.  I've gardened in Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, England, Texas and California.  By far, California gardening is the easiest.  Probably the hardest was Florida although I loved the exotic plants you could grow there.

My California Garden
I've been digging in my California garden since 1999.  My vegetable garden is small but I try to maximize the harvest and variety.  I am lucky to live in a wonderful part of the world which I compare to England in the way that people enjoy being out doors and find peace and happiness in their gardens.

I'd like to use this blog to show you what is happening in my garden, talk about gardening trends, visit awesome nurseries. As I gardener, I enjoy creating wonderful things to eat from my fresh produce. I'll share adventures in the kitchen as well.

Please drop by my garden often.

Mom's Favorite Flower


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