Friday, February 15, 2013

Bolting Arugala

Delicate white flowers of a bolting arugula plant.
I love growing lettuces in my garden in the winter.  The rain and the cold create the perfect combination along with sunny afternoons to foster the tender plants along.  Sometimes, though I get a little ambitious and plant more than I can use.

Before you know it, the plants, which have not been harvested regularly, decide they have had enough of all of the components (sun, rain, cool weather) and wham, bam: bolting.  After lettuces bolt, they typically are too bitter or in arugula's case, too hot, to consume.  I just let nature take its course: the flowers will produce seeds and repopulate the garden with new arugula plants.  Because these plants have bolted now, I think they might possibly reseed before the end of lettuce season, if we don't get an early hot (think too much sun) spring.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

What's Blooming in February?

Osteospermum Voltage Yellow African Daisy
Nemesia Fruticans Bluebird.  I eat sunlight for breakfast.

Lavatera Maritima--Tree Mallow.

Good rain and sunny days have startled my winter garden from a sleepy, dormant place into a vibrant and blooming dream.  Just what a gardener need to motivate her to start thinking summer. 

Pest Control

We have a lovely table and chair set in the garden.  The problem?  Birds love sitting on the backs of the chairs.  And once they have perched, well, you know what comes next.

Trying to manage the problem I added two ssssssnakes into the mix.  I move them around so the birds don't get comfortable with their presence.  The chairs are staying clean.  I wouldn't say the problem is completely solved, but it is an improvement.


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