Saturday, January 17, 2009

Salad Bouquet

The bunnies are on hiatus--perhaps off to Big Bear for ski week. The lettuces are growing strong. Most of my lettuce plants are single varieties. I'm not sure how this bouquet grouping came to be but stunning it is. The lettuce bouquet is comprised of arugala, romaine, oak leaf lettuce, and red leaf lettuce. This will make a perfect single salad serving.

Friday, January 09, 2009


Experimentation has been the practice in my winter garden this year. Over the years, my winter garden had become less productive. Lower productivity was the direct result of my neighhbors' trees which line the downhill slope of my garden's perimeter. These trees coupled with the lower arc of the sun in the winter prevented my garden from getting any reasonable amount of sunlight. However, the trees fell ill and were felled. SUN!

Now I am back to planting a full winter garden. I am delighted that for the next few years, I will enjoy garden salads, brocoli, cauliflower during the winter months. I say for the next few years because alas and alack the neighbore replanted with three new trees which will eventually block the sun again. But I will make hay, or should I say, salad while the sun shines.

Spinach has done quite well since like many children bunnies do not like to eat their spinach.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


In the late fall when I was selecting plants for the winter garden, the nursery had one bokchoy plant. I never had grown bokchoy...or prepared it...but my sense of adventure was up for the challenge.

Well, things have gone very well for the plant. Apparently, it is not a favorite with the bunny locavores, which has allowed the plant to flourish and grow. I think it is time to search the internet for recipes.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Paperwhites--Forcing Bulbs

My paperwhites bloomed this weekend. I found the bulbs at a lovely shop in Laguna Beach, Aero, at the beginning of December. I purchased three bulbs. Paperwhites are one bulb which do not require chilling to force so I planted them immediately. I used a tall, clear glass container with a little potting soil. I thought it would be pretty to cover the bulbs with clear, glass marbles. After five weeks, the reward: blooming paperwhites. I love the scent.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Tomato Volunteer and Dill

Volunteers are always appreciated in my garden. This tomato plant is getting an early start for Garden 2009. I planted the dill plant in the fall and it is growing quite well. I love a little dill with green beans or mixed with sour cream and served over cucumbers. Sounds like some of the 2009 garden is already being planned.


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