Monday, September 26, 2005

Welcome to my visitors!

I have a site counter on my blog which lets me see where my visitors are originating. I am pleased to report my blog has seen visitors from various places around the world. Here are a few interesting places to note:

River Forest, Illinois,
Charlotte, North Carolina
Bronx, New York
Thatcher, Arizona
New Berlin, Wisconsin
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Princeton, New Jersey
Whittier, California
Lebanon Beirut, Beyrouth
Tustin, California
Riverbank, California
Cambridge, Massachusetts
United Kingdom Edinburgh, Edinburgh, City of
Canada Toronto, Ontario
Arlington, Texas
Laguna Niguel, California
Philippines Binondo, Manila
Italy Villa Celiera, Abruzzi
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
Irvine, California

Welcome to all of my visitors. Enjoy your time while you are here!

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

This is my only pumpkin from the garden. Vividly orange, it awaits its fate either as a jack-o-lantern or a p-u-mumpkin-umkin-y y-u-umpkin-pumpkin pie!


This weekend was perfect for more garden clean up. Out came the spent cucumber and tomato vines. The garden patched looked so much better. The onions are still doing great so I left most of them to grow a little bit more. Three of the onions had leaves which were drooping over, a sign that it is harvesting time.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Planning for the Spring

With the clean up starting in the garden, I am taking careful notes about what plants were where. Next spring when I plant, I will try to rotate my crops. This will eliminate unnecessary depletion of nutrients from the soil. Additionally, this practice will help to diminish any unfavorable soil born diseases.

Signs of Fall

This week saw the beginning of the end of my summer vegetable garden. The tomato plants were ready to retire. I was delighted that my eggplant had managed to produce one small eggplant. Unfortunately, someone else (or should I say something else--rabbit, raccoon, skunk, ???) had noticed the beautiful purple fruit as well. It is gone now. I was hoping to photograph it when I discovered its disappearance. Alas.

Cucumbers and tomatoes were the most prolific plants in the garden this year.

The twelve oranges on my dwarf tree continue to grow. Last year only one fruit set, so I am delighted with the increase in yield. The fruit will probably be ripe in December.


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