Thursday, April 09, 2015

Consider This Edible Flower for Your Garden

Colorful blooms with interesting roundish leaves.

Planning your summer garden?  The nasturtium is an easy to grow flower which has blooms in yellows, oranges and reds.  They like full sun and soil which is not rich.  Easy to grow from seeds they add color to your garden and guess what? The nasturtium is also edible.  They have a peppery taste.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Statice--A Beauty in the Garden that can be Dried for Arrangements

White "true" flowers grow inside the papery bracts.
Statice is a drought tolerant plant for your #waterwise garden.  This plant likes sun, well drained soil and gets by with very little supplemental water. The colorful bracts which hold small white flowers sit on tall stalks which can be cut and dried.  In many California gardens, this can be a perennial.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Monday, April 06, 2015

Cascade of Yellow

Admiring the cascade of yellow flowers, reveals a bee busy at work.

The light reflecting properties of this bee's wings make them glisten in the afternoon sun.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Iceberg Roses First Spring Bloom--Abundant and Bee Friendly

Early to work, this bee starts his day at the iceberg rose.
Iceberg Roses and California Pepper Tree
Known for their white color, occasionally the iceberg rose will have a tint of pink to the petals.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Fun Onions

Onion Sets planted 10 days ago have sprouted.
These onions have been in the ground over the winter.
Result of earth, sun, and water.  Wonderful red onoins.
I have onions at all stages in my garden.  If I allow the onions to go to seed, they have a habit of planing themselves.  The result is onions growing all the time in my garden.  The onion sets in the first photo are from onions which were too late in the season last year.  I picked the onions at the size of a small marble.  They wintered in the dark pantry and started to sprout.  I thought I would see if they would produce something if I planted.  We'll see what happens.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

First 2015 Artichoke

Look what is growing in my garden.  Here is the first artichoke of the season.  Such a beauty. You have to hunt for the first one because it is hiding deep in all of the artichoke's leaves.


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