Sunday, March 06, 2011

Ain't Nobody Here but Us (Backyard) Chickens

"Tomorrow is a busy day
we got things to do, we got eggs to lay,
ground to dig, we've got worms to scratch,
you know it takes a lot of sittin' gettin' chicks to hatch..."
                                                                                                        Five Guys Named Mo

When I arrived in California eleven years ago, I was surprised when calling a school volunteer for information about a school event.  She couldn't take my phone call.  She had to feed the chickens.  I was a bit surprised.  We live in planned communities with home owners associations not in the rural farmlands of the Midwest.  This encounter was a sign of things to come.  Since then, raising urban and suburban chickens is the new black.

I know a number of hobbyists who now raise chickens for their egg laying capability for their own home use.  I'm not sure I am cut out to raise live chickens but I surely don't want to be left out.  My solution?  Introducing my brood of gallus domesticus cementius!  Care and feeding is a breeze.  These lovely creatures are free to roam my garden (however, they must like where they are because I never see them move from their current positions).  I think I am going to be waiting a while for the first basket of eggs.
The Chicken Whisperer


Anonymous said...

Very cute! I do not have chickens either but there are plenty of "Fresh eggs for sale" signs where I live so that I am able to buy my eggs from my neighbors. I think this works out perfectly for me. One of my neighbors has a pet rooster now that I do not understand. Robin in SoCal.

earlysnowdrop said...

Uh-Oh! Roosters. Early morning noise!

Mahes said...

LOL! I want to jump in the bandwagon too but I don't have a big backyard.

Anonymous said...

Very funny post! I'm in CA too, but we are jumping on the real chicken bandwagon. My ceramic chickens just don't lay eggs very well. Here's to backyard chicken raising!


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