Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pat Welsh at Roger's Gardens--Tomato Hornworms

Pat Welsh spoke at Roger's Gardens today.  She is a speaker whose knowledge of everything garden is amazing.  Her topic this morning was organic gardening.  Here is her quick tip for organically handling the dreaded tomato hornworm.

"Organic" Treatment of Tomato Hornworm
Take a small, empty tuna can and nail or fasten it to your tomato stake or cage.  Place several peanuts (unshelled) in the can.  The scrubjay will see the peanuts, notice the hornworms and make dinner of both.  It's worth a try.

Ms. Welsh was a wealth of information and with our permission, stayed longer than planned to talk about onions, strawberries, Brussel sprouts in the garden.   Her book, Southern California Organic Gardening: Month by Month, was available.  It's over 450 pages and is full of great gardening advice and information.  Also, Ms. Welsh has a wonderful web site and blog worth visiting.

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