Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Artichoke Madness

Artichoke Plant
Largest artichoke on the plant
Many "chokes" growingThis spring is the first time I planted artichokes in my garden. For the first eight weeks, nothing much happened. The plants got ridiculously large...but not artichokes. Then one day, I saw a little golf ball sized fellow growing on this monsterously large plant. Wow! No wonder artichokes are so expensive.

Then, the weather got warmer and all of a sudden, the plant is prolific! This one plant has six artichokes coming along, however, I still think it is gigantic in size relative to the output(the greens are almost shoulder high--and I am 5' 7"). So I think in about another week, the first artichoke will be ready for eating.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

That foliage is shoulder-high?!?!!! WOW! That makes me want to try to grow it here. :)

(I adore the bougainvillea picture as well. I aspire to such lushness in my garden.)

Christa said...

Wow! You're lucky to have your own fresh artichokes. I wish I could grow some, but I'd never have room in my little plot - especially with shoulder-high foliage! Enjoy them.

lisa said...

Wow, cool foliage! That would be worth growing even if you didn't like artichokes!

Tay said...

Looks like it would make for a functional and producing hedge! Ive got 3 from roots 3 weeks old, and another five seedlings, and they seem to love the cold! Good luck and enjoy!


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