Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We just had an earthquake. It was the second one of size since we moved here nine years ago. The first one was during the night after we had lived in California for one week! I was not pleased. This one was smaller than that earthquake and the house joustled around for about 15 seconds. I was expecting/hoping for shorter time. After about 5 seconds when the shaking continued, I picked up the dog in case things got more violent and we would need to vacate the house. One interesting feature which accompanies the earthquakes are the sloshing of the water in pools and spas.

All has settled down now. Life as usual.

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Nancy said...


Earthquakes are one thing I don't think I could handle. Hurricanes you can at least see coming and prepare for...earthquakes??? YIKES.

tho, I admit it would be neat to see everything sloshing


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