Saturday, February 28, 2009

Amazing Eggplant

In the fall, the eggplant was still loaded with small growing eggplants. I couldn't bring my self to pull it from the ground. It was a good decision. Yesterday I harvested two good sized eggplants. The leaves have taken several hits from very cold weather in January and February but not enough to kill the plant.

Now I am deciding if I should take the pruners out and clean up any lackluster foliage with the hopes that this plant will continue to grow a second season. I think the decision will be made if I see a flourish of purple blossoms as the legnth of time the sun shines in the garden increases.


Parsec said...

Amazing! You are lucky to have ripe eggplant from your own garden this early in the!

I had a similar situation with my Thai chili pepper plant: despite frosts, it never shriveled.

Gardeness said...

Man, my eggplant did zilch last year. It didn't even grow because the thug of a squash hogged all the sun. I so hope to have half your luck!


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