Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Origins of a Gardener

I have enjoyed gardening for years. My dad taught me how to plant tomatoes, corn and cucumbers. I helped my mom can bread and butter pickles one summer in our kitchen in Northfield Center, Ohio.

I have gardened in Ohio; Kentucky; Florida; Virginia Water, England; Texas; and California. When I gardened in Kentucky, it was fun to see if you could get the pansies to last through the entire winter.

I love when my garden produces volunteers. Once I had pumpkin volunteers. I compost and tossed the gunk from our Halloween pumpkin in the compost pile. Some of the seeds found their way out of the pile and into the dirt. The next summer I had vines of pumpkins all over the place. Currently, the most likely seeds to volunteer in my California garden is the purple cosmos plant. No complaints here since it provides lovely purple flowers!

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