Saturday, March 25, 2006

Garden Clean Up!

Lovely sunny days have pulled me from my cozy house to my garden. I found that things had gone terribly wrong over the past few months. Unlike gardens in snowy climates, California gardens continue to grow over the winter months. Unfortunately, not just those things which we plant grow. Weeds grow. Rose bushes continue to grow. However in the rainy and cloudy days of winter, diseases such as rust, make their home on the leaves of the rose bush. Leaves are yellow and speckled with rusty dots. Upon my arrival in my garden, things were in bad, bad shape.

I spent four hours in the garden and got a good start on taming this wilderness. As you can see, I filled up my recycling bin. I did not compost this time because I will be incorporating the material in my composter into the soild in a few more weeks when I plant my garden. Most of the material in my composter is decomposed at this time.

Casey joined me after I finished working to congratulate me on the nice work.

Casey invites you to read her blog


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