Wednesday, March 29, 2006


We are not out of the rainy season. Yesterday we had a misty, rainy day. It reminded me of the spring rains we had when I lived in Virginia Water, Surrey, UK. So glad I had worked in the garden over the weekend. With the top dressing of the soil with compost and manure, nutrients definitely released to the soil below. Today, the sun is already shining. I bet if I took pictures throughout the day, I would actually see the emerging leaves on the rose bushes grow! Hmmmm. I think I will set up the camera right now to see.

You can see the stormy skies in this photo. This is a hill near my home. The legend is that the owner planned to build on the hilltop. Our community code prohibits building on the hilltops to preserve the natural beauty of the area. In retaliation, the owner planted a grouping of palm trees which are visiable from all vantage points.

I would love to invite you to leave a comment. Also, click on the photo. This is a large file and the detail you can see in a larger view is breathtaking.

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