Monday, October 22, 2007

Pool Demo

The pool demo continues. These are additional pictures as we break up the patios and walkways around the spa area.


Angie said...

I was curious as to whether you were leaving the spa or if it too is being demolished? The shape of it would make an excellent koi pond, especially with the wonderful view you have from your window.

earlysnowdrop said...

Angie, thanks for your question.

The spa is staying. It didn't have any structural problems. It is funny you mentioned the Koi pond. I was looking through a brochure from the company which will replaster my spa. They have some specialty tiles which you can have them install when they replaster. One of the sets of tiles are two swimming kois. I was thinking about having them installed on the bottom of the spa. Having read your comment makes me think it is a great idea. I think I will do it!
Look back at the blog. I will try to scan the brochure and post the tiles.


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