Sunday, March 29, 2009

Irises Blooming in March

Yesterday afternoon was a garden day for me. I had to turn my compost and I had a lot of weeding to do. So when I tripped out the door at noon I was delighted to see the iris blooming.

This iris is offspring to tubers given to me when I was attending Master Gardener classes back in the early 90s. Someone in the class had separated her irises and brought in tubers to share with anyone who was interested. I took three tubers and they have been very productive members of the garden. I separated them a few years ago and shared them with two friends.

When we did the garden update last year, I grabbed a few tubers out of the garden and tossed them in a container with potting soil. They stayed there all summer until the work was done. Then I planted them back in the soil. Tah-Dah. This spring they are back at work creating flowers which would make Monet proud.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

Well hello neighbor. Nice of you to visit my blog and point me to yours. Love the irises.


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