Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Protecting Lettuce from the Heat


We've had unnaturally hot weather (98 degrees) the past few days--in fact a heat wave. I say unnatural because April in California near the ocean usually sees temps in the 70s. We rarely get heat waves even in August!

This lovely devise is my meager attempt to shield the lettuce from the withering heat. Feel free to comment if you would find this contraption too tacky for your garden! I might step it up a notch to lengthen my lettuce growing season. I am picturing garden cloth stretched between a pvc frame stretched to keep a shady spot into June.

Yesterday two of my artichoke plants went prostrate in mid afternoon. Upon witnessing the meltdown, I doused them with buckets of water. This morning they were at full attention again. I'll be monitoring them throughout the day but hopefully the deep watering yesterday will do the trick.

Artichoke after buckets of water and a chilly night.


Peggy said...

I say whatever works to protect your crop~~go for it! I'm shielding tomatoes in my outdoor greenhouse to keep them warm! What odd weather. Here in PA, we're having an unusually cool spring. We'll have 2 or 3 days of very nice weather, coupled with cold days following. Today is only 47 degrees right now!! Your crops are in good hands, I'm sure they'll be delicous.

Barbara Eisenstein said...

I turned a small plastic cloths rack on its side and draped a towel over it to shield a couple of new plants. I even wet the cloth to try to moderate the temp - since the air was so dry. I really enjoyed the cooler weather today (I live in So. Pas.). By the way, while gardening today I noticed a huge number of ladybugs in the garden. Are you seeing them also?

Barbara (wildsuburbia.blogspot.com)

earlysnowdrop said...

I didn't have time to spend in the garden today. I will have to check the lady bugs tomorrow!


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