Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tomatillo in the House

Tomatillo fruit with green husk
Tomatillo fruit with brown husk ready for harvest
Tomatillo plant
My son was home from college two summers ago and we did a little cooking together. He had a recipe for tomatillo sauce and it was fabulous. I have wanted to try my luck at growing my own tamatillos ever since tasting the wonderful sauce/salsa.

Due to the remodel, my garden was not ready at the beginning of summer for planting. This year is a very late start but I am hoping for sunny days and warm temps into the fall. With any luck, I will have a few tomatillos from the garden this year. Because tomatillo plants do not self pollinate, two plants are a must. I have two green tomatillos and one which will bear purple fruit.

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