Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tabacco Hornworm Caterpillar: Revisited

This is a video I created a few years ago about a hungry little fellow who LOVES your tomato plants. If left unattended, one of these critters can devour a vast quanity of leaves each day leaving you with naked, leafless stalks.

They are great at camouflage and can impersonate a curled up leaf better than any other poser insects around. One tell-tale sign that you are one of these guys visiting is tiny little "waste droppings" around the bottom of the plant or on leaves below them. If you see waste pellets, search until you find the hornworm caterpillar and physically remove and destroy. Another sign is stems without any leaves.

1 comment:

Mahes said...

OMG I have these, killed many of them.


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