Friday, January 28, 2011

New Strawberry Patch in the Garden

Meet my overachieving strawberry patch.  This new garden addition is fragaria x ananassa 'Quinault'. The quinault promises to be everbearing (berries in spring and fall) with fruits appearing in four to five weeks.  I've planted about 20 plants.  Anticipating fresh strawberries and cereal for breakfast in just a few months!

Brush away dirt around the crown so when planted the crown sits level with the surrounding soil.
Tease the roots gently before placing in soil.
A flower!

One of the plants has sent out a runner. This will develop into another strawberry producing plant.  Conventional wisdom says to pinch off flowers and runners to encourage strong root growth of the newly planted strawberries.
Clearly, I've selected a group of over achieving plants: runners, blossoms and set fruit!
The Patch! Waiting for a top mulching to help retain the moisture.

Editor's note: It was very difficult but I pinched off the buds and blooms in the garden as well as any knobby set fruit. The one thing I was reluctant to pinch off was the runner. This variety touts its ability to produce fruit on unrooted runners. I thought this made the runner more desirable than a detriment to the plant.


Mahes said...

Wow! Awesome. Never tried strawberries.

earlysnowdrop said...

I know. I am very excited!


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