Sunday, July 01, 2012

Growing Tomatoes in a Bag of Potting Soil

Growing tomatoes in a bag of potting soil is an easy way to capture a little more growing room for your vegetable garden.  I've purchased a bag of top quality organic potting soil and created a little extra harvest capabilities.  Wanting to keep the garden looking pleasant, I sewed a little burlap cozy for the bag of potting soil and poked drainage holes in the bottom before setting in place. With a slash and fold under a planting area is created on top.  Finish with a tomato cage and the stage is set for a harvest of heirloom cherry tomatoes.  (I plopped two small lettuce plants to see if I could get some lettuce before the tomato plant grows too large.)

The garden is on a drip system, so I will set up a drip into the bag and it should be one happy plant.

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