Saturday, August 25, 2012

Patience for the Mums

 All gardeners know patience is the one of the key elements of success.

Last fall, I purchased a six-pack of chrysanthemums for my garden.  My shovel loosened the dirt in the bed and compost amended the soil.  Eagerly, I checked on the plants each week wanting them to take hold.  The plants showed indifference to my wishes and languished throughout the fall.  With the onset of winter, the plants forlornly sat in the dirt. 

With the spring, the decision had to be made--leave the plants in the ground to see if there was a chance they would grow or pluck them from the ground to make way for another plant.  Something told me to choose the former.  How glad I am that I did.  I stopped pinching back the small budlets which formed all summer long about two weeks ago.

Today, I am enjoying the first plants of fall, albeit a bit early.

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