Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lovely Lettuce from the Winter Garden

Upside Down Hanging Basket Protects Tender Young Plants from Rabbits.  Chives are growing nearby.

I've been enjoying lettuce for the garden for six or seven weeks.  I like buying cell-pack plants with a variety of lettuces.  It gives me a wonderful selection of lettuces for salads.  I've planted twice after the original planting to continue to be able to enjoy lettuce through this season.  It's a good thing as I have already seen two of the lettuce plants getting ready to bolt.

The last planting is only butter lettuce.  Always a favorite.


Jane Strong said...

Lettuce looks wonderful. I was going to ask about bolting but you answered that. Enjoy it while you can!

Loran Fabyuel said...

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earlysnowdrop said...

Loran Fabyuel: Thanks for the feedback. I will look into your suggestion. Please stop back and enjoy in the meantime.


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