Sunday, February 21, 2016

Seeds, Onions and Beans

Last fall when I was cleaning up the garden, I found some beans, which had not been harvested, now withered on the vine.  I decided to harvest the seeds and store for future use. 

About ten days ago, I was rummaging through my seed drawer looking for some garden string and saw the container of seeds.  I remembered my most prolific bean plant.  It was a volunteer which started growing in the winter and produced beans all spring and summer.  Could this phenomena be duplicated with my planting of the seeds?  I grabbed six or eight seeds and tucked them around some onion plants already growing.  I chose this location as I knew the drip irrigation system was set to water this area.

Well, look what popped up.  About six beans have sprouted.  If we have some cold weather, my experiment might seem fruitless.  BUT so far we have had warm to hot weather.  Now, it's wait and watch.

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