Friday, May 09, 2008

A Constructive View

Here is the rebuild of the forty-foot wall on the perimeter of my property. The first wall didn't last too long--about three months--before it leaned and moved. You can imagine why when you see the footing foundation which is required but wasn't included with the first wall.

The city inspector came by today and noted the whole rebar cage which was constructed yesterday has to be 3 inches from soil on all sides. This means this entire rebar cage will have to be lifted and placed three inches off the soil with gizmos called adobes. Additionally, not all of the sides have three inch clearance, so more excavation to be completed.

Here are the stacks of bricks (*), plants, and piles of dirt all dislocated because of the rebuild. I think I am being a really patient with this process which essentially is undoing all of the work which was just completed. I am pleased the landscaper stood behind the error and is doing all of this work.

(*) This is just one stack of bricks. There are several more scattered around the yard. Also, note the dirt is on top of the new pavers. Uggh
For those wondering why the first wall failed it is because the property below the wall is sloped. That means a condition called soil creep can compromise the integrity of the wall. Therefore, if someone tells you they can build a simple wall without footings on your property, but your neighbor's property is sloped, beware.

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kathy said...

I love a nice brick wall. A perfect backdrop for plants. I didn't realize it required so much work. I'm sure it will look great.


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