Friday, May 02, 2008

Lucky Lady Bug

The garden has been undergoing a renovation for the past months. Trying to keep a happy face on the whole thing, I haven't really revealed the living nightmare the whole project has become. For a clue about the scale of the problem, I will reveal that they entire driveway has been relaid, as well as major portions of patios. We are waiting for city approval for the 35 foot wall to be rebuilt because it was installed incorrectly.

So today when I was in my garden I found something very special--a lucky ladybug. So maybe she is a sign of good things to come...or maybe she is there because much of the new plantings are infested with aphids. Glass half empty or half full?

Anyway, I hope she enjoys her meals and has brought a lot of friends with her!


Garden Wise Guy said...

Spectacular shot! Love the play of purple and green against that great carnivore. If you really want to get the beneficial insect action going, purchase and release lacewings.

Being in SoCal (like me, here in Santa Barbara) you have easy access to Rincon-Vitova in Ventura. You can find great information about getting your yard to be a haven for beneficial insects, which good guys like to munch the bad guys, and how to make them welcome. You can find them with a Google search.

Happy hunting.

kathy said...

A beautiful lady bug. I so often see the more invasive multicolor beetles here in the East that its nice to see a seven-spot lady bug. Good luck with your masonry. In the end, nicely done stonework will be great.


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