Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Actually, I Do Have Tomatoes

In an earlier post, I mentioned because of my wall rebuild I didn't have a veggie garden planted. I forgot, however, I do have two tomato plants. One is the parent plant. I pinched a sucker off the plant six to eight weeks ago, rooted it and stuck it in the ground. These two plants are troopers because the irrigation has been off for forever. I have handwatered but these two are doing great.

That is dust on the leaves from all of the trenching and excavating being done nearby.

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Anonymous said...

Lucky you. I didn't plant any veggies this year. Last year I planted tomatoes and pole beans in large pots and put them on my patio. It is hard to find a place in my backyard that gets good sunlight. All the good sunlight is in the front yard. And I don't want my vegetable garden out front.


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