Monday, June 09, 2008

Chocolate Brownies or Seed Starters?

When I saw this photo, I thought there was a resemblance to a container of chocolate brownie muffins. Don't be fooled, they are really seed starters.

There is an end in site on the wall rebuild. Since my vegetable garden has been on hold while the work was being completed, I have nothing growing. I decided over the weekend to get ready with these great little seed starters. Once the seed germinates and starts to grow, you simply drop these into the prepared soil.

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Katie said...

Very apt title for this post. When I first saw the picture I totally thought those were chocolate cake doughnuts. MmmmmMMm. Now I'm hungry.

Don't fret about your late start with the garden. Since you live in SoCal, you have wonderful weather and an incredibly long growing season. :0) But I bet you already knew that.

I love California!


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