Wednesday, June 04, 2008

California Rebates on Irrigation Sprinklers

Most water used by gardeners in Southern California comes from irrigation systems. As the songs says "Seems it never rains in Southern California" so the irrigation systems run most of the year. (We do have rain in the winter months.)

To address the need to conserve this very important resource, a new technology in sprinkler heads is available. These sprinkler heads use 20% less water than traditional sprinklers.

"These nozzles shoot multi-trajectory, rotating streams that apply water more slowly and uniformly than conventional sprays and rotors - especially when adjusted for specific site conditions.

In addition to reducing water use, the water jetting from these nozzles is more resistant to wind, less likely to mist, and significantly reduces run-off on to streets and sidewalk."

Those living in the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California can receive $4 rebate if requirements of number of units and sprinkling time adjustments are made.

For more information, check out The sprinklers are available from Hunter Industries or Rainbird Corporation.

Here is a photo and description of the Rainbird Product from their web site.  You can search for these sprinkler products by using the word rotor in your search.

Efficient watering for small to medium sized yards. Multiple rotating streams distribute water uniformly and help reduce run-off. 17-24 feet range. Comes with choice of Rotary Nozzle.


pressure washer hose said...

Interesting topic! I enjoyed reading it. Anyway, Can you post some picture of those nozzles? Just quite interesting. Thanks for sharing.


earlysnowdrop said...

I added a photo and description from Rainbird's web site.


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