Friday, October 22, 2010

Mystery Volunteer--Cantaloupe Perhaps?

About four weeks ago, I added compost to the garden soil.  When I do this, I discover that not all seeds have been destroyed my organisms or heat.  This is a squash type plant which volunteered and has grown beautifully,  I am not sure if at this late date the plant will be pollinated and have time to mature into whatever it will be.  My guess is cantaloupe because of the shape of the female flower/fruit.  Here's hoping I get to harvest something from this plant.


Jeffrey said...

I doesn't look like cantalope to me. The flower is too big. Maybe zucchini? Cantalope has a more yellowish smaller flower.

Jeff | Protecting Plants From Frost

earlysnowdrop said...

Don't think it's zucchini because the "fruit" below the flower is roundish instead of long and slender like zucchini. Hey, maybe acorn squash? I'll post back if any grows. The plant is sprawling through the garden.


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