Friday, November 12, 2010

Walls of Succulents

If you have been following garden trends in the glossy garden periodicals, you will have noticed over the past few years a growing trend of the vertical garden.  We have Patrick Blanc, the creator of the vertical garden, to thank.  These gardens of green which defy the conventional horizontal garden, can be found both indoors and out.  They seem to be a natural for urban environments as the wall adds soothing and appealing green to the concrete jungle as well as providing a cooling cover for buildings baking in the sun. 

A few years ago, articles on architects including these walls in their buildings started to appear.  Now you can find these walls appearing on everyday buildings.  The boutique and event venue, The Humble Abode on Avenida del Mar in San Clemente, has a wonderful vertical garden at their entrance.  

The wall is usually built out from the integral wall of the building with wood or metal frames covered with chicken wire and some sort of growing medium.  An article in the New York Times describes how Flora Grubb, a California landscape designer, used epiphytic air plants (tillandsias), which do not need a growing medium, clipped onto metal rods.

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