Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cherry Chocolate Tomato

Who doesn't like a surprise!  A few weeks ago, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a small tomato seedling near the vegetable garden...but in another section of the yard.  Being late in the season, I thought nothing much would come from it. 

Then the heat wave hit.  So hot, I barely ventured outside near the garden except to toss greens into the composter.  

The weather was much cooler this week and I purchased some parsley and thyme to plant for the fall garden.  As I was finishing up, I noticed the tomato plant had taken off, grown with great enthusiasm, and tomatoes were already ripe for the picking.  

Dinner tonight included four of the ripest of these cherry chocolate tomatoes.

Interestingly, I planted this variety officially three year ago. This plant is a volunteer as all of my cherry chocolate tomato plants since that initial planting.  They are very good at dropping from the vine, rolling to a new location and starting a new seedling.   

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