Monday, April 07, 2008

Water Wise

In Southern California, we are mindful of our limited natural resource, water. While I was in Laguna Beach this weekend, I stopped by their water-wise/fire-wise garden display. I have a small embankment which needs something planted for erosion and aesthetic purposes. I think this "coprosma kirkii" will do the job. It's water requirements, once established, are water every three weeks. Additionally, it is a fire-wise plant.


Garden Wise Guy said...

Careful about setting any water schedule, such as "every three weeks." Weather changes and sometimes that might be too much and other times not enough. Probably the most important thing about Coprosma kirkii is to allow plenty of space for it to spread. This variety gets 4 to 6 feet across, so if you pack them too close, they'll pile up and get very dense. That defeats the purpose of using it as a low ground cover. If you need quick fill, be prepared to remove some of the plants once they start touching. Your ultimate goal is to have them barely "kissing" at maturity.

BTW - I grow it here in Santa Barbara (I also helped redesign our local Firescape Garden this year) and once it's established (about 2 years) it might only need one or two deep soakings for the entire summer. This stuff is tough.

Hope this helps.

earlysnowdrop said...

Thanks for your advice. I think I will talk with some locals as well. Roger Gardens is really focusing on sustainable gardening so I might check with them.

I appreciate all of your comments!


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