Sunday, May 28, 2006

Theme: Bees

I went on a walk through my neighborhood today. I took my trusty camera with me. Before I left, I had noticed many bees with very busy buzzing around my roses. As I walked, I could see where the expression busy bee had originated. Any flower or shrub which had a fragrance also had a plethora of bees. Several times I tried to photograph the bees collecting their bounty. My camera (or finger or reflexes) were more often than not slower than the bees and I was not too successful in capturing "Bees at Work."

As my walk was drawing to a conclusion, I saw something ahead of me on the sidewalk. I couldn't tell what it was. As I approached, I could see someone had found a bee hive. The sidewalk was litered with the honey comb. I am sure there is a story which was not so pleasant since socks were left in a heap in the vicinity of the broken comb. A few lone bees continued to fly to and from the destroyed honeycomb. The honeycomb is really an engineering marvel.

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