Tuesday, May 30, 2006


One thing I like about my garden blog is that I am constantly learning the correct spelling of flowers. I didn't realize until I started this blog that daylily is one word.

Although June is just one day away, June Gloom has been absent the past couple of days. For those outside of the coastal regions of California, June gloom is a description of a weather condition. It is a deep fog (or marine layer) which blankets the coastal areas in California. Days are gray when June Gloom is present. Although called June Gloom, conditions can be right for June Gloom in May or July. The marine layers are sometimes very deep, and the sun won't burn them off until early afternoon. And sometime June Gloom can come back in the afternoon. So the month of June can be devoid of sunshine.

I love the orange and yellow in this flower. This is the color you want in your garden when June Gloom appears.

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