Thursday, July 14, 2011

Favorite Small Tomato: Grape Tomato

Grape Tomato--Lycopersicon
If given the choice between a cherry tomato and a grape tomato, my choice would be the grape.  The favor is more intense and quite frankly a little easier to insert a fork into when served in a green salad.

The grapes grow in a cluster.  We are ready for the day when these turn from green to red.


Katie said...

Grape tomatoes are my fave. I agree - I like them better than cherry tomatoes. I am glad to find someone who feels the same way!

Julie said...

Oh, gosh, these are looking so good! They will be gorgeous when red and ready to eat. I just got in from washing aphids off leaves with a strong blast of water...I think a bathingsuit is perfect attire for that activity!!! heheheheh.

ZZ's Garden said...

They almost looks like olives. They're looking good.

I shared this on another blog post, but mine aren't doing too good. The leaves at the bottom of the plant are turning yellow, and then, one side is starting to droop because of the two tomatoes I have their hanging.


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