Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dietes--African Iris

The foliage of the dietes plant is tall, slender and sword-like.

Flower of the dietes plant:  The flowers range from white with purple and yellow to a creamy yellow with magenta accents.

Dietes Seed Pod==Eventually the pod will brown and pop open on the sides revealing brownish black seeds inside.
I have been trying to determine the name of this plant for some time.  A gardener in my neighborhood had given me the name diety and no one knew what plant I was talking about at the local nurseries.

Finally, a click on a facebook link on Monrovia  (a plant nursery) lead me down the path to finding its name.  Included is the plant with its common name, Katrina African Iris.  A quick search and I was able to determine the plant I was looking for was Dietes!


Julie said...

Irises are so beautiful...I love the yellow in this with the purple. Glad you found your name! I can sit for hours and look at all of the varieties online!!!

earlysnowdrop said...

Thanks Julie.

I want to plant this variety in my yard. Enjoy!


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