Friday, July 08, 2011

Tomatoes: San Francisco Fog

A cluster of San Francisco Fog tomatoes ripen.

A cluster of green San Francisco Fog tomatoes.
Planted earliest in the spring, my San Francisco Fog tomatoes are the most mature at this point.  The plant has grown to gigantic proportions of over 5'7" tall (taller than I am!).  The tomatoes are beautiful on this very robust vine.   These tomatoes grow well in cooler climates.  My zone 23 provides for both the cooler, coastal area with marine layers but our afternoons can be warm to hot.  The combination climate has benefited this tomato plant.

While I love the notion of a tomato bred for cooler, coastal areas, I find the flavor/taste of this tomato average.  I look forward to my Beefmasters--my true favorites.


Anonymous said...

I just sent the name of this variety to my sister in law. This might be perfect for her area. Here my Early Girl and Better Boy are doing well, but not nearly THIS well!

earlysnowdrop said...

I've read Early Girl are also excellent in the San Fran area.

Julie said...

You've got a wonderful crop there!!! Gorgeous too!!! I bet they will taste just devine!


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