Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pineapple Sage

The pineapple sage in my garden was originally planted by the previous owners. Like mint, you are supposed to be able to add this plant to iced tea. I have never consumed the plant in this fashion. Instead, I prefer to gently rub the leaves which release a fragrance reminiscent of fresh pineapple.

Besides having an exotic fragrance, the plant attracks hummingbirds once its red flowers bloom. In my climate, the flowers bloom in September. Being red, the hummingbirds cannot resist.


Lisa said...

I love pineapple sage. It is only and annual here, but last year it was enormous. The hummingbirds enjoyed it for a couple weeks before the frost. I also love honey dew melon sage:)

Anonymous said...

leonora has left a new comment on your post "Pineapple Sage":

I love pineapple sage too - its scent and the beautiful red flowers!
We don't have hummingbirds in Europe!

Sorry Lenora. I accidentally clicked the reject comment instead of the publish comment. I copied and pasted your comment.

California Gardener in Zone 23 said...

I didn't know that about the hummingbirds. Very interesting.


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