Saturday, June 10, 2006

Desperately Seeking 8-Foot Bamboo Poles

I love using bamboo poles for staking plants in my garden. I have now been to two of my favorite nurseries to find they no longer carry that size or they are out of stock. Today, Casey the dog gets her rabies vaccination. There is another nursery by her vet and we'll stop by before the appointment.

If I don't find any, I will have to purchase the funky metal stakes coated in green plastic. Not my favorite look.

I'll keep you posted on the outcome. I may have to venture out to Rogers Gardens. A bit of a drive. Hopefully, they will have what I need.

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JLB said...

Howdy! I found you through GardenVoices. I'm curious - have you tried checking out FreeCycle? Sometimes folks who grow their own bamboo are looking to get rid of it... I suppose it'd be work a looksee. :)

Good luck!


PS - Your site is beautiful, and as to your font size - I'd prefer it a bit smaller, but as I understand it, many readers prefer a larger font. As it is now, it is most certainly readable!

Happy Gardening!


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