Saturday, June 03, 2006

Floral Memories from the Prom....

Her Wrist Corsage

Beautiful Flowers

His Buttonaire

I was looking through my digital photos for my next posting and stumbled upon the photos from my son's senior prom. He has just completed his first year at university and seeing these photos brought back of rush of memories of his prom last year. Because this is my gardening blog, I thought I would post the buttonaire and corsage worn by my son and his very lovely date.

Even though a few years have passed since my own senior prom, I can remember the flowers I received. Bouquets of flowers were the fashion, not the dainty wrist corsages girls wear today. My senior prom was in the 70s* and the movie "Romeo and Juliet" influenced the style of my dress; the bodice and cuffs were smocked and the relatively high neckline was squared. The fabric was a hydrangea print of peach, robin's egg blue, burgundy and lilac. As all of you gardeners know, these are not unusual floral colors. No genetically modified DNA is needed to find flowers of these colors in nature, right?

However, in a small little eastern suburb of Cleveland, Ohio in the early 70s, the only flowers available in the local flower shops were carnations and roses. Therefore, the florist's answer to my prom date's limited financial means was to spray paint white carnations apricot and lavender. Really. I am not making this up. But, at the time, I was thrilled with my bouquet of fresh flowers and long peach ribbons. This picture just doesn't do justice to the oddness of unnaturally colored, spray-painted flowers.

*Those of you who did that math might be surprised to find that I am 39 years old. How is this possible?

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