Friday, June 30, 2006

Musings on a Volunteer Squash

When I spread out my compost this spring, I found some of the seeds had not decomposed. I eliminated most of the volunteers (way too many to let them go) but let a few grow. This plant has done very well. I'm just not completely sure what it is going to be! By the shape and knowing that I tossed a few acorn squash into the composter, that's my guess. What's yours?

Interesting things I noticed about this plant. The female flowers have set first with approximately five fruit spreading up the vine. I do see at the base of the plant very smally beginnings of the male flowers. Lucky that I have so many squash plants this year because the male flowers of those plants have provided pollen to these female fruits and it has set! I wonder if this is nature's way of encouraging cross pollination to develop stronger offspring seeds.

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