Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Three Stunning Arrangements of Succulents

Trips to the garden shop can be a source of inspiration for our own gardens.  After seeing these fabulous arrangements, resistance was futile.  A new succulent garden patch is in my future.

Things I love about these arrangements:
  • Arrangement 1. The plant with the tall yellow flower spikes.
  • Arrangement 2.  Is it the '80s again.  I love the mauve tones and with the contrasting greens in the arrangement.
  • Arrangement 3.  Everything?  The moss, the girth of the hanging basket, the center plants with the creamy, green and red leaves.
Things I don't love about succulents at the garden shop.  So many are names "succulent" with no indication of any further identification.


Rohrerbot said...

LOVE the arrangements and agree with you 100 percent on the identification. It's like this group of plant experts decided that it wasn't important to identify these plants. I had to do some internet research to find out what varieties I had....anyhow, love the color tones.

earlysnowdrop said...

Exactly! Tell us their names, please.

Julie said...

It has served me well to buy a succulent I.D. book...I used to not care about names, but I became increasingly more inquisitive! I love the looks of all of these multi colored plants all together!!!


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