Saturday, July 02, 2011

Gearing Up for Zucchini from the Garden...First, there is Love

It's that time of year again.  First, you'll thrill at the first zucchinis from the garden.  You'll sauté them; you'll broil them; they'll be included in a garden ratatouille.

And they will keep coming.  You'll miss seeing one growing on Tuesday and by Thursday, you'll have a squash the size of your thigh.  You'll discover the joy of zucchini bread for using up a good quantity of zucchinis...then tire of the bread.  You pack a dozen in kraft paper bags to share with family and friends. And then the family and friends will start to hide from you if they see you carrying anything resembling a zucchini.

But let's focus on NOW.  Earlier this week, I had a male and female zucchini flower both blooming early in the morning.  As I always do, I helped with the pollination.  Now I have a lovely green zuke on the way.  I will have to find the information on what variety I used this year.  Their color is deep and the zucchini is growing long without adding a lot of girth.

I'm predicting zucchini cooking on the stove by July 4.

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