Sunday, July 03, 2011

Rooting Plants for the Garden

Rooting cuttings from the Garden
Rooting Catmint
Rooting Basil
Catmint flowers as it roots
Tomato blossoms while we root

The garden can be a source of additional plants.

Each morning I go out for garden inspection. I'm curious to see what kind of things happened overnight.
  • Did the zucchini have a sci-fi moment and morph from a thumb-sized vegetable into a thigh sized monster? 
  • Did any critter using stealth technology enter into the garden under the cover of darkness and devour seedlings or steal the almost ripe tomato from the vine? 
  • Did the artichoke turn from edible vegetable to an inspiring shocking purple flower?

During these inspections, I discover some plants are getting a little leggy, or perhaps a sucker on the tomato plants was not pinched back and is very large. When this happens, I cut back or remove the offending plant appendage and stick it in a vase with water. Usually, the result will be the appearance of roots which I can then transplant into planting soil for addition to the garden.

Currently, I am rooting a Beefmaster tomato, catmint and basil.


Anonymous said...

I never thought to do this. I don't know why, I just didn't. Ha ha. Thanks for the tip.

Julie said...

This is incredible...I must try rooting tomatos!!! Who woulda thought!!!

earlysnowdrop said...

Now, I will reveal another quick and easy root. You can actually pinch the sucker off, and if your soil is very loose, you can stick it right into the ground. You must make sure to water it profusely the first week, but it will take root this way as well. :)

Julie said...

That is amazing!!! Now I have to grow tomatoes in October, for sure!!! Just to give this a try! Thanks...can't wait to share this news!


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