Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's All About Perspective

Here's what I have discovered about flowers. If you view them from five feet seven inches away, you are going to miss out on some of the magic. This bloom is downward facing, forcing one to bend deeply to really enjoy its beauty.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

I so love hellebores... can't wait for mine to start flowering here!

By the way, your picture of the thistle seedheads was gorgeous. I made it my computer background for this week. (I like to change the background each week, and usually like something to reflect the season.)

California Gardener in Zone 23 said...

I loved those thistles. You would not believe how many of them there were. Really stunning.

Thanks for the nice comment!

George Africa said...

Good morning California Gardener, greetings from Vermont. It's 25 degrees here and the snow has started with a foot or more expected in this area. It will be the first significant snowfall for a state that replies on winter sports.

Your comment about perspective in picture taking is important for any gardener who enjoys photography. There are things you are able to see in macro shots that escape your eye no matter how many times you visit your gardens.

Years ago a man from Quebec Canada stopped early in the morning and asked if he could take pictures. I was heading out for the the day and of course agreed. When I returned in the afternoon he was still here. This was in the days of 35 mm and he only shot black and white. He was enamored with the Oriental lilies but enjoyed tight foliage shots and special textures. As I looked at his work and repeated the concept myself, I learned definition you don't otherwise see.

Today's snow and your shot of a hellbore begs me to mention a friend's site. Barry Glick at is a West Virginia grower. He has many talents and hellebores are one. His website tells a lot. Worth a stop and visit.

I notice you have had the opportunity to garden in many climates. At very least stop again in Vermont some time. Even some of the gardening opportunities of the west coast prevail here. You just have to do everything quicker to adjust for a short season.

Gardening thoughts,

George Africa

California Gardener in Zone 23 said...

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me and the other bloggers who will stop by. I did visit the site you recommended (Barry Glick at It was well worth the click! Beautiful photos of hellbores. I think I will try to name one of his new hellebores so I can "win" a 4 inch plant!

Oh, by the way, I may be in Southern California but like the rest of the country, we are having stranger than fiction weather here. I woke up Sunday morning to find many of my vegetables which had defied the oncoming of winter by setting new fruit had met their doom--frost!. Now, just withered vines and leaves waiting for a warm day to be added to the composter.

Here's to an early spring!


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