Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Different Kind of Bulb

About a month ago I was at Costco and came across a package of light bulbs but not ordinary light bulbs. This package was comprised of three 60 watt, three 100 watt and 1 65 watt reflector CFB (compact fluorescent bulbs). What made them a wonderful find was that the whole set was priced at $2.99 after a rebate given at the check-out counter. Additionally, another set was available which contained only reflector CFBs. This set was $3.99 after rebate. The bulbs were so inexpensive because SDG&E (San Diego Gas and Electric) was helping to underwrite the cost.

I purchased several sets and came home to make my home more environmental as well as cut my super high energy costs. These light bulbs do not put out as bright a light as their incandescent counterparts. Therefore I devised a strategy for minimizing this fact. First, I decided to use these bulbs in locations which did not require extreme brightness. Next, I alternated the CFB with incandescent bulbs. This provided a little more brightness but still allowed for this environmentalist to make a difference. So, several of my hallways are now environmentally correct and my bedroom closet is as well.

I was so happy with the results, that I changed bulbs at my mother's house as well. I encourage everyone to replace five incandescent bulbs with CFB in their own home. You'll feel good! There is even talk that California will legislate to ban the 125 year old incandescent light bulb.
A few things to keep in mind when using CFB. One is that there is a moment or two delay before the light actually turns on. You get used to that very quickly. The bulbs should be used in temperatures between -10F to 140 F. If the area where you use the bulb is cold, it takes a few more seconds for the light to become completely bright. The bulbs should not be used in outdoor locations, with dimmers or photoelectric timers.

Click here for more information about CF bulbs.

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