Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Calla Lilies Continue to Bloom

My patch of cala lillies are continuing to bloom. I snapped a close up of the stamen because I was intrigued by the way it looked. Definitely click on the top photo for a super close up look at the frilly stamen.


daverichards said...

hey good listings of books .will surely go through some of them. great postings. keep it up for all the book worms!
Dave Richards

daverichards said...

very nice pictures...great postings!

mmw said...

Actually, what you are looking at (the yellow spike) is the spadix, which is completely covered with unisexual flowers. I _think_ the white stuff in your pic is pollen from the male flowers, and the female flowers either haven't opened yet or are all furthe down toward the base.

The "petal" is called the spathe.

earlysnowdrop said...

Thanks for the information.


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