Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Romaine Lettuce Bolted

I wasn't able to keep up with the romaine lettuce and it has bolted--gone to seed. Once lettuce bolts, it is bitter to taste. The composter may be getting a addition in the near future.
I think I can plant another batch before the weather is too hot.


Marc said...

I wish I had that problem here this time of year. I just planted my first lettuce seed inside under lights. Its still too cold outside for anything yet. Good idea about the compost. With the good ol' compost bin there, nothing is ever wasted!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

How do you keep it from bolting? Just by harvesting a bunch of it so it doesn't get mature enough to set seed? I'm growing lettuce for the first time this year, hence all of the questions. :)

earlysnowdrop said...

Harvesting helps to prolong growing time before bolting. The sun really is one of the culprits here.

This area of the garden once was in shade in the winter. The neighbor removed a sickly tree and now--full sun!

So, if you don't have a tree providing shade, you can create your own shade with a mesh material that is stretched over some type of frame with the plants underneath. Sometimes, a gardener will start the plants early in the season without the shade netting and then as the days are warmer and sunnier, will place the mesh over a more mature plant.

Anonymous said...

Bitter lettuce can be sauteed with butter and a little garlic, salt and cracked pepper, then sprinkle something like some capers or feta cheese on top - yum!
I just tried this for the first time with my bolted simpson and green ice lettuces (with feta) and it was so good I am looking forward to more heads bolting. It tasted a bit like sauteed dandelion greens.

jamison said...

I've been growing burpee romaine seeds for 3years and every year they are way to bitter to eat they haven't gone to seed yet they are still small but still when I sample then very bitter to taste


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